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Kim Peart
a lion for Lyons
Australian Space Party (prop.)
Rising to the Challenge

Media Release
15 December 2017
Kim Peart plans to run in Lyons in the coming election, as a lion for Lyons.
Kim invites supporters to gather to the banner to fight for a better Tasmania.
Mr Peart is also launching the Australian Space Party (ASP), to focus on a stellar future for the nation.
ASP is a registered Australian business name and when the numbers rise, it will be registered as a political party.
All good people wishing to join ASP, anywhere in Australia, are invited to the party.
The virtual worlds will be used as one way to organise branches.
Australia is heading into a very dangerous future, and if we do not prepare, we will find trouble waiting for us.
Of particular concern is the rising level of heat being driven by rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Rising heat cannot be ignored when we find warmer ocean water flowing from the north and around Tasmania.
That heat has hit the Great Barrier Reef for 2 years in a row, and may strike again this summer.
That heat is killing kelp forests along the Tasmanian coast, and changing fish species.
As the mainland gets hotter, many will look to the southern island for a cool change.
We could face a quadrupling of the island’s population, or more, and there is nothing we can do to stop this flood of people.
We need to prepare for the future, by designing a society that is strong and can grow.
The centre of Tasmania will need to be a place where people live, not just on the coast, where the sea will be rising.
We can decide now if we allow towns to explode with mainland immigrants, or design for a quality lifestyle with many smaller communities scattered through the rural landscape.
If we are wise, we will plan to be strong, and maintain a quality lifestyle as the population increases.
Mr Peart will look to a university being founded in the Midlands, with a focus on space and rural services.
There is no veterinary school in Tasmania, and no vets practicing in the central Midlands, which are both surprising facts.
On the road to creating a vet school, Mr Peart will look toward establishing a veterinary clinic on his land in Ross, where visiting vets could come to.
In time, a vet could be permanently stationed in the central Midlands.
Workshops can also be arranged in animal husbandry.
In the theme of space, Mr Peart’s land is a fantastic location for astronomy.
In the theme of a university in the Midlands, Tasmania can become part of the global space community.
We can have research in growing food in space.
As more tourists seek a space adventure, a holiday in Tasmania can be combined with astronaut training.
From Tasmania we can connect globally using the virtual worlds for education, and this will benefit Tasmania.
Communities living in space will need to manage a whole environment, with total recycling.
The skills acquired to manage a whole environment in space, can be applied to Earth, with total recycling.
The space university project in Tasmania will develop a certificate of Starship Earth Management for every student.
As part of winning back a safe Earth from the dangerous and hot future that we are creating, we can look to every student at every university on Earth graduating with a Starship Earth Management certificate in their hand.
If we will not train students in how to manage a planet, we cannot expect to do well on one.
Space education holds the key to the care of the Earth.
Space is also the key to a safe and healthy Earth, which includes Tasmania.
To win a safe future on this planet, we need to invest in solar power stations in space, and beam the power to Earth, which can then be used to extract excess carbon from the air.
Until we are extracting carbon from the air, we are running blindly into a hot and dangerous future.
With industry in space, we can build a sunshade to help cool the Earth, as excess carbon is extracted from the air.
We need to transition out of fossil fuel use at a level that will allow progress to continue.
A transition that allows progress is only possible in space, where we can relocate much of our heavy industry.
We need to work on a space future from Tasmania, and from every community on Earth.
There will be much death in the future we have created, but by reaching to space, we can offer hope.

HOMES ~   We can solve the homelessness problem by providing homes, as Finland did, which costs less and works better than providing shelters. ~

CAREERS ~   Solve unemployment and under-employment, by providing work in a government employment guarantee, paying the minimum wage, which will ensure all private enterprise has to pay proper wages to win workers.

POVERTY ~   End poverty with a universal basic survival income, set at a retirement income, given to all citizens free of tax, now supported by leading capitalists ~

STELLAR ECONOMY ~   An economy on Earth built on the power of the Sun in space would generate the level of wealth needed to send poverty into history eternally.

CELESTIAL VALUES ~   With honesty and compassion we can build a better world, but with lies and greed we destroy the Earth.

Kim was born in Adelaide in 1952, but raised in Howrah, moved to Brisbane in 2007, and returned to Tasmania in 2015, where he settled in Ross with his wife, Jennifer.
Kim undertook environmental and art studies in 1975, and engaged in the space settlement movement in 1976.
In 2006 Kim wrote a document while living in Lauderdale, called ~ Creating a Solar Civilization ~ in which he explored the need for a space future ~
Kim founded Space Pioneers in 2011, to explore using the virtual worlds, including Second Life, as a way to run a global space campaign.
Kim attended the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide last September, where an Australian space agency was launched, and Elon Musk revealed his latest plans for space, Mars and Earth.
Kim looks toward attending the next International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany, in 2018 and would like to see a strong presence from Tasmania there.
Kim sees the global space industry as an exciting way to create work and careers in Tasmania.
Kim Peart's avatar, Starfarer, in red, in the torus space station that he built in Second Life. ~ There is a Sabrina chatbot in the red box. ~


Kim with the alpacas in Ross ~


Kim on the land ~


Kim Peart in Ross ~


When real life meets virtual reality ~


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