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Should we call a Homing Summit?
Monday 19 March 2018

Solving the homelessness problem will fix the housing crisis, and fixing that will open a whole island of possibilities for amazing alternatives.
The Premier of Tasmania recently called a Housing Summit.
Should we, the citizens of Tasmania, call a Homing Summit?

The news from Elwick Showgrounds is stark, with the Police being called to evict homeless people.

A woman turned up with her son, a dog, and a broken arm and neck, who had been living in a cave above Howrah.

Tumbling out of the Premier’s Housing Summit, we hear about building houses on land, which will build real estate.

Real estate is the foundation of the economy.

Actually, the environment is the foundation of the economy, because without ecology, there would be no economy, and no life.
When we suck our ecology dry, we weaken our economy, and risk collapse.
When we suck the economy dry, depriving citizens of homes, we deliver some people into hell on Earth.

I wonder if we, the people of Tasmania, need to call a Homing Summit, to address homelessness in Tasmania.

The aim of a Homing Summit would be to deliver homes for all citizens.

If we dared do that, we would fix the housing crisis, permanently.

We would send homelessness into history.
We would build a more caring society, offering a Fair Go for all citizens.
We would build a stronger society, offering hope.

Homes are the foundation of a society.

Citizens with homes can also care about our ecology, the environment, and help build a stronger economy.
Who would be prepared to travel to Ross for a Homing Summit?
Why Ross?
Because Ross is also being hit by the housing crisis, with a lack of rental properties.
One renter nearly had to move out of town, with their home being turned into holiday accommodation.
Luckily, local residents found a home for them to rent, but the next renter forced to vacate may have to leave town.
Should the government provide affordable rental accommodation, in country towns, when and where needed?
The proposal for mobile housing, included in my article ~ Fixing the Housing Crisis ~ link included below, explores how this could work, and why it is needed.
If people can’t rent a house, a town may die, because there will be no place for workers to live.
As the housing crisis is also hitting New Norfolk (Gazette story included below), a survey needs to be made of all rural towns in Tasmania, to assess the extent of the problem.
If a Homing Summit happens in Ross, it could also happen in the south, the north, and the northwest.
We can also look at employment issues at a Homing Summit, and ways to improve our environment.
People with a home are able to work, and also care for the environment.
Should it be a basic moral responsibility, and a human right, for society, for government, for all politicians, to ensure that every citizen has a home?
Should we consider the reality of homelessness as a political failure by government, by politicians, and by our society?
Housing builds an economy, but homing creates a life.


Homelessness at Hobart showgrounds overwhelming show society president
Ellen Coulter   18 Mar 2018   ABC News Online

"He says one woman with a broken arm and broken neck arrived with her son on Friday night. "We had to lend them a tent," he said. "She tells me they'd been living in a cave over in Howrah. They turned up with food for their dog and nothing for themselves.” Scott Gadd said he didn't have enough staff to deal with the situation, and police have been called in to help evict residents who haven't followed the showground rules. He's frustrated and wants urgent help from the Government.”
A Christmas Carol ...
Kim Peart, 18 March 2018, Tasmanian Times
Fixing the Housing Crisis ...
Kim Peart, 15 March 2018, Tasmanian Times
ABOUT Kim Peart ~   In 2007 Kim was listed among Tasmania’s top 200 movers and shakers for “An urban bushland conservationist who has worked tirelessly over the years to maintain walking tracks and protect wildlife from the encroachment of bush-front housing developments.” Kim is campaigning for an Australian Convict Trail, with the Tasmanian leg running from the ferry in Devonport to Port Arthur, along with foot and cycle paths by Tasmania’s highways and roads. After being at the launch of an Australian Space Agency last September, Kim is seeking ways to create employment, careers and new enterprise in Tasmania with the global space industry.

Follow Kim Peart for Prosser on Twitter ~
Authorised by: J Bolton, 39A Bridge Street, Ross


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