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Kim Peart ~ a lion for Lyons
39A Bridge Street
Ross   7209
0400 856 523
28 January 2018
Footpath and Cycle Way from the Ferry to Port Arthur
Where is the footpath and cycle way from the ferry terminal in Devonport to Port Arthur?
With cycling tourism peddling away in Tasmania, and many visitors wishing to visit Port Arthur, it is a logical progression to be able to walk or cycle from the Ferry terminal in Devonport to Port Arthur, and back again.
This will create an entirely new form of visitor experience, which will bring more visitors to smaller towns along the way.
A bicycle hire service would allow visitors to cycle part of the way, walk along a section or two, and then hire another bicycle.
The logical way to cycle to Port Arthur is to turn south at Jericho and gun for Colebrook, Campania and Richmond.
Anyone who has driven the road south from Colebrook knows it is a narrow snake track winding through the hills, where any cyclist would be at risk on many blind bends.
There is an urgent need to build a safe cycling and walking way along the roads and highways around Tasmania.
During the last Federal election Mr Peart proposed an Australian Convict Trail be created, running from Moreton Bay to Port Arthur ~
This attracted much interest at the time, but no commitments to building a way for people to walk and cycle.
Millions of dollars are being invested on upgrading highways, with a section recently completed between Tunbridge and Ross, but sadly, there is no cycle way or footpath to be seen.
With this election campaign in Lyons, Mr Peart calls on all voters to ask the candidates, “Where is the footpath, and when will the cycle way be built?"
In coming days Mr Peart will be driving from the Ferry terminal in Devonport to Port Arthur, stopping at towns along the way, to inspect where the footpath and cycle way can safely run along a road or highway.
Photos taken along the way will be posted on Mr Peart’s FaceBook page.
Mr Peart will be inviting anyone interested to sign a petition calling for the creation of a footpath and cycle way from the Ferry terminal at Devonport to Port Arthur.
This is also how far Lyons stretches as an electorate.
The petition will be lodged at the first sitting of the house after the election, which Mr Peart hopes to present personally as a new member of parliament.
This all began with the simple suggestion of a footpath between Ross and Campbell Town, to walk or cycle, to run or push a pram, or drive a mobility scooter.
The voice of the people needs to be heard.
Looking for a footpath north from Ross to Campbell Town at the Tacky Bridge, but there is only space for cars and trucks along the Midlands Highway.

Catch Kim Peart’s alerts on Twitter ~
Follow Kim Peart’s campaign on FaceBook ~
Visit Kim Peart’s campaign office in Second Life, located in the Space Pioneers embassy building ~
Teleport to ~ Nautilus - Eshmun
ABOUT KIM PEART ~   Kim was born in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1952, and then brought to Tasmania as a baby and raised in Howrah. Kim is a visual artist who engaged in environmental studies in 1975, when he founded a Viking Society, then in the spirit of adventure explored space settlement options from 1976. He founded a space society, the Hobart L5 Society, which later became the Southern Cross L5 Society, and is now the National Space Society of Australia. In the early 1990s Kim headed the Bellerive Advancement Group, when they successfully turned the tide on Council plans to develop Kangaroo Bay. In 1996 Kim ran in the Federal election in Franklin, and later in many Council elections in Clarence. Over the years Kim has been an urban environmentalist, promoting the care of urban bushland, wildlife and bushland trails along the hills above Bellerive and Howrah, called the SkyWalk. In 2007 Kim was included on the list of Tasmania’s top 200 movers and shakers at 115 in regard to, “An urban bushland conservationist who has worked tirelessly over the years to maintain walking tracks and protect wildlife from the encroachment of bush-front housing developments.” In 2011 Kim founded Space Pioneers, to explore ways of using the virtual world as a global campaign platform to help create a celestial future. Kim now lives in Ross, Tasmania, with his wife Jennifer and a small tribe of alpacas. In September 2017 Kim attended the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, where an Australian Space Agency was launched. An ABC article on Kim was published in 2017 ~

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